Past few days and BABY FOXES

Have been a bit busy. Been trying to get a bunch of things settled and things moved out of my mother in laws before one of my husbands cousins move in.  Though, she isn’t going to like that we sold the stove, fridge, washer and dryer. lol  My mother in law told us while she was able to walk and talk still that after she past away to leave the niece and nephew with a mess to clean up and leave nothing that she would actually need.  I told Nathan as soon as we were done with everything we should go to city hall and get the power and water shut off before she shows up too. Might happen anyway because the bill hasn’t been paid yet. 
Other than that, we have been looking through things and taking things that mean something to my husband or things my husband thinks I would like or want. We are taking the china hutch and all the china which I did want, but I wasn’t going to fight over it if his aunt wanted it. I’m not going to push to get anything because I think the family has first dibs before I do.  Well I have no dibs on anything unless Nathan wants the same things I want. He got her jewelry thinking I would want some of it, but the thing is…she was SUPER religious… Like almost everything she owns has a cross on it. I mean, I like the way a cross looks, but I don’t care for the meaning of it.  When I was younger, I wanted cross jewelry because it looked cute, not because I believed in God. Now, I don’t bother with it because of the meaning lol I mean shit. I was 14 when I got baptized. I should of had a choice at that point.  I mean me and my ex brother in law got baptized very late in life lol He was 32 and I was 14. I didn’t even want to and I was forced, so that is probably why I hate it so much. 
Whatever. Either way…lots of stuff we have gone through.  I was SO mad at Nathan because he didn’t think of how much anything was worth and he got rid of REAL crystal and a REAL Tiffany Lamp! OMG. If we held on to that and found the right buyers we could have sold it for a couple thousand and pay off the funeral home. 
Can you believe they charge you $400 to dig a damn hole in the ground?! She was cremated so it’s literally one scoop with a tractor and done.  I told Nathan to tell them we will just do it ourselves. Ugh. 
Today we went to her house for just a few minutes to check out something and then we grabbed some things before coming home to make dinner before Nathan headed out to work a few hours ago.
While I was digging through the fridge, I tend to shove things in the back of the fridge and forget about it lol, cleaning it out and found some week old burger and instead of throwing it I told Nathan to go throw it by where we see the Fox that had been roaming around, because might as well give it to something that will eat it.  So, we went out there and as we go near the edge of the yard THERE WAS A BABY FOX! OMGGGGG!
It was so damn adorable! I hurried back into the pile of trees that they are living in and I tossed the burger by the trees and I walked away but still able to see well and four kits came out! They started fighting over the burger but they all ate and they were just SO FUCKING CUTE. THE ONE TIME I DIDN’T HAVE MY PHONE!!!!!!
So…reluctantly I left to make burgers and hot dogs and ,of course, we had left overs and Nathan doesn’t even eat left overs so I brought it out to the foxes. They ran back into the pile as soon as I got too close and I put the cut up burger and hot dogs at the entry way and waited to see them. Well, those little devils got smart and stayed in there.  I waited half an hour and they didn’t come out lol. They waited until after I left to eat because I had to take the trash out and the food was gone. Cute little shits. 
I’m so happy there are kits in the yard! I just hope my neighbors don’t shoot the mother while they are still young or will have to feed those babies for a while and hopefully they’ve learned some hunting skills from their mother at this point. 
YEEEEEE. So excited over babies! Tomorrow I plan on getting photos! I will show you tomorrow hopefully.<3
Talk to you later Journal people. I’ll be awake all night just trying to find space for all the crap we are getting and trying to get rid of stuff we already had. 

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