The Gossiper

So I have this one co-worker who seems to enjoy drama.
As long as I can remember, she’s been putting people up against each other, spreading rumours, telling lies, etc.

I’ve had my fair share of drama with this person, when I was younger I was eager to fight back, prove the fact that I’m not doing anything wrong.
Over time, I’ve learned that it is impossible to please everyone and that there’s no way, she’s ever going to stop and frankly, I try not to waste my energy on her.

At one point we had a true heart to heart, told each other what was bothering us.
We agreed to leave it all in the past and move on. I meant it. She didn’t.

Every now and again I hear things that she’s saying about me behind my back and weekly, the person in question, will talk shit about other co workers. I never give it much attention nor agree with whatever she’s saying.

I hate that it still gets to me. I’m a person that want’s to be liked, I am very sensitive to negativity and will do anything to make work a pleasant place to be. Luckily I’ve never had issues with the rest of the staff and most of them are friends in my personal life.

Now, I am trying to understand how a person wants to live in such a negative mind set, all the time? Note that she’s a 32 year old woman, I honestly don’t understand what the fun in causing fights / drama is. At this point, I just feel sorry for her. What a sad way to live.

If anyone has tips on how I can stop letting it get to me, I’d highly appreciate it.

Needed to get this off my chest,

Goodnight Journal,


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