vanilla ice cream because vegan me doesnt exist on the weekends

first order of business:

kat <3 im sorry to hear about you and your husband’s loss. <333 and i know ive been a procrastinating lil shit about making a new journal but i promise after finals ill take the time to make a new journal so i can save some of my entries into the new journal. aww those baby foxes sound so cute. i cant wait for you to upload some pics. 

asgard <3 im also sorry to hear about your loss. i hope you and your mom make up. tbh she sounds like a total villain and a major bitch. your journals are always sweet and kind. and your husband is totally hot. just like you, gorgeous. swedes/scandinavians are awesome <3 your mom will get over it soon enough. you’re not the first girl in the world to run off and marry a sexy demigod. and you wont be the last. sending you good vibes.



today i was hanging out with my bestfriend stacey and we were having a nice coffee date and studying. well things went fucking insane fast. lol. as stacey and i were studying, an hour later walks in stacey’s girlfriend with a “friend”. well when we noticed them, i could tell stacey was pissed. stacey said that her gf, gwen, told her that she was going to be hanging out with her sister today. and that girl was NOT her sister lol BUSTED! well we saw them ordering coffee and then they sat at a nice romantic table in the patio in the back. when we went to go spy on them they were holding hands and stacey’s gf was hugging the girl. omg. well that set stacey off, and she was right about to go after them. but then i had the brilliant (?) idea to call her and ask her where she was. if she was honest about being with a ‘friend’ then stacey should compose herself before she marches over there fuming. and if she lied to stacey, well then she cant bullshit stacey. so stacey calls her and gwen tells stacey that she was with her sister (lie!) at the park (lie!) and that she was leaving tonight (lie) so she would catch up with stacey later tonight. lol. and as we’re on the phone (inside the restaurant) we can see into the patio and gwen was kissing the girl. well stacey didn’t even bother hanging up on her, she marched right out there (while they were both still on the phone) and stacey’s like “oh really, at the park?” hahahaha.

im not laughing at stacey, im laughing at a cheating bitch getting caught. stacey was pissed off. and she told her off, that she’s a scum piece of shit and didnt want anything to do with her anymore. gwen’s face went completely pale! lol she didn’t even try to deny it because she was obviously caught. then she tried to act like she didn’t even care and got up with the other girl and left in a hurry. dumb cheating bitch, see ya! i felt bad for stacey though. she was tearing up and so we left. she had been dating this girl for 8 months, and probably cheating on her behind her back in all of that time too. 🙁 


then i couldn’t even hang out with her the rest of the day and comfort her or be there for her, uhhhh i felt so bad. i couldnt stay past 1pm because my parents were at my hall waiting for me to pack up all my shit. and then i had already agreed with my parents to return home to aspen for the weekend. I feel bad for her but i promised to skype with her. i tried to skype her but she said she took an ambien and was going to sleep the rest of the night. <3 poor stacey. 

im currently home now, ive missed this place. ive missed my parents, my dogs, my room, and aspen in general. i love this place, i am so fortunate to have been raised in this paradise. when i was little, as i assume most everyone does, i couldnt wait to get out of here. i thought aspen was the most boring place in the world. but i didnt have dreams of moving to new york or l.a like most people typically do. i wanted to move to lousiana so i could live with my family and my favorite cousin brielle. she’s always been like a sister to me. but now as ive grown older i love aspen. i miss this place so much. and id like to move back to aspen in the future. not the immediate future, but later in life. 

anyway, ive missed my parents house. its awesome. im a lucky little bitch. i have a sweet bathtub for like 10 people that i fill to the brim with bubbles, bathbombs and candles. and i like to chill in the tub for hours watching older episodes of spongebob or king of the hill or i love lucy, to the point that i turn into a living prune. thats my plan for tomorrow night! 😀 

tonight my parents cooked a homemade italian feast for me. i love it! italian food is my faaaaaaaavorite food ever. and then we played monopoly for an hour until i got caught trying to launder some money with my dad and steal from the bank lol. and now my parents have been trying to battle the film projector for 20 minutes trying to watch a movie. i wont admit that earlier i was trying to load youtube  and i think i messed it up. 😀 i know my parents really miss me and whenever i come home all they want to do is spend time with me, and so i always do. i really wanted to skype ashton tonight but i think i should spend some precious time with my parents for tonight instead. though i doubt the movie is going to happen tonight lol. 

right now my dogs are on the floor of my bedroom waiting for me to finish this post so i can climb into bed and they can jump on me. all 4 of them! thats why they wont leave lol. uhh i am tired too. my sleeping schedule has been shit this week. ive got under eyes, bad!! i think im going to get some ice cream and call it a day. 

good night journal. 


One thought on “vanilla ice cream because vegan me doesnt exist on the weekends”

  1. Thanks, love <3 it's been kinda hard on my husband since he holds everything in and I know he's going to explode soon from the stress 🙁
    And yesss If I can ever get those cute fuckers to come out when I actually have my phone I willllll!
    Also, take your time. I know you are busy, so no rush! Just glad you are well and getting a nice break in fucking Aspen! I've always wanted to go there! You are lucky. I was born and raised in bumfuck North Dakota. Lol you wouldn't believe how many people think we still ride horse and buggies. Basically most people think we live like the strict Amish lol no offense to Ashton
    I feel so bad for your friend! That happened to my friend. Brittney back in high school and it was funny to watch the girlfriend get her add chewed out but the aftermath isn't fun at all. I hope she feels better and find someone who treats her amazingly.
    Hope you have a great weekend at home!!!

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