worried x100

Okay so this sounds really stupid maybe but I’m really worried about Rebel Demon. I’m just? She hasn’t written in a long time? And her last post was very very worrying and ahhhh I’m just,,, anxious,,,,,, for her.

I’m scared? If that makes sense? I’m really scared that she has actually hurt herself or???? You know what I mean?????

And then we would never know, I would never know, I wouldn’t be able to contact her or help her in any way?????

Rebel Demon if you read this, I just,,,, Okay I don’t know what I want to say but it’s just, I’m really getting worried and I really hope you’re still alright and hanging in there? I know it’s hard for you. It’s hard. And I can’t say that I “””know””” how you’re feeling because I honestly don’t, and I can’t say I know what you should do because I don’t want to sound patronizing in any way. But I really just hope you’re still there? And… WO W okay this sounds really incoherent but I’m just worried so I wanted to put this out there. Please just stay strong, good things will eventually come your way… you’ve made it this far, it would be such a shame to give up before you could see all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

I could be overreacting but anyway. Just. Honestly.

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  1. Please count me in, I just noticed she WROTE TO ME some days ago after I left my mail address in one on her entries and I didn’t have much time to go online during the last two weeks because I hardly even got out of the lab. Omg I feel so guilty! I have to find her! I have to know if she’s okay…

  2. I fucked up so badly! Why couldn’t I have logged into my mail account one fucking time!? Trying to contact her in every way I can think of now, including facebook! Yes, i’m that desperate. Dear RebelDemon, I please don’t feel stalked (and please don’t ever tell anyone who I am). We are really really worried here!

  3. I got worried after her last entry but haven’t seen anything from her since! I hate knowing that people are hurting and planni g on doing something and then just disappear. An old Role play friend of mine did that… none of us knew what happened to him until his girl friend found his log in info fo r a bunch of things and she logged on to tell us.
    Ugh. I hope she is okay!

  4. Girl, you scared me so much! Seriously, I was already looking up phone numbers of hospitals in your area (yeah, i’m totally not a stalker). And of course I was feeling guilty as hell! Please keep the number in case one day you need to talk to someone very quickly. Or just talk, about nothing in particular. Counts for you too PrettyInBlack, but don’t feel obliged – i just prefer giving my number to people I trust rather than an e-mail address, because I can never predict when or if I will read a mail. Gotta go now, both children still awake – so much for regular bed times. xD

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