21st May 2017

today was a quiet day

you know those days – you get nothing done, you sit around in your pjs, you have a bath, etc. I did some english literature revision earlier (no where near enough) but i’m just so tired and I can’t be bothered at all to do any work 

i deleted L from my snapchat wooh! and I might look up some romeo and juliet quotes & watch dirk gently again. i just can’t wait for the summer; full days filled with sunshine and no worries and my friends. it seems so far away. it’s not even a month away. i paid for my prom ticket on friday

and you know, even through i’ve went through such bad days lately, i’ve always got through them. so i’m staying positive, and i’m staying happy. i started my fanfiction and it’s actually going really well and i’m not going to let myself get anxious over nothing anymore. i’m always going to drag myself back up to the surface!!!

can’t wait for my fidget spinners to come 🙂 i’m looking forward to the lighty up one the most.

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