I think a little information about me is in order.  You can call me Merry, I am a middle-aged woman, who is bi-sexual, who luckily found her calling at a relatively young age, to be a jeweler.  I love every aspect of it!  Hand fabricating pieces, setting stones, creating new designs, learning always and buying/admiring vintage and antique jewelry.  I niavely thought other jewelers would be of like mind, but I found out at that is simply not true.  I found them to be very judgmental, very critical, nasty, unkind and unwilling to be helpful.  Occasionally, I come across a kind soul, but that is not often.  Jewelers are so competitive!  I always strive to be kind and incouraging, no matter if they have just started making jewelry, or have created for many years.  

I encourage people to leave messages as I talk about my journey.  I used Open Diary many years ago and I loved it.  My experiences and the comments, really helped me through that time in my life.


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