Day 450 – Hanging out with friends

Saturday, May 20th 2017

Today was fun! I went out with my friends to sushi village. We ate a lot for sushi, talked and then one of them I went for a walk with. We passed the fair that always comes to the parking lot at a library near my home. It’s so fun as a kid, but when you’re older, it’s really small.

We talked about boys, hanging out with people and other things. We found a park, then went walking around before going to my house. There we played some miniclip games together, went on Pixelmon, I showed her Rocket League, we ranted about a few things, watched some YouTube videos, yearbook photos, Pokemon cards and then photos of me when I was younger. She then left, I played Hitman, ate, went on the server, played Rocket League and my gum seems to hurt and it’s red. I think I might have hurt it while eating some sushi. I’ll see if it heals with time.

That’s all for today.


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