Dream #1

I don’t often dream or remember dreams so I thought I’d write mine down.


So it started with me in the car going to school, crossing the large intersection just before the school, I’m pretty anxious as per usually so instead of looking at the oncoming traffic I decide to just look straight ahead across the road. A roaring screech comes from the right and we get hit by someone. I don’t know what happened next but i started viewing myself from like a trailing camera, I could see my right leg was fucked up beyond repair and I was freaking out. My first instinct was to pull out my phone and call an ambulance obviously but I didn’t know the street name so I looked back behind me and saw the smouldering wreckage behind me, as I realised that everyone in the car with me was probably dead I woke up.

this dream really did a number on me, especially crossing that same intersection on the drive to school, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to drive between my constant fear of having another crash and my easily distracted mind. Don’t know how I’m Gonna get through school today, but I’ll manage

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