Gloomy day

It’s been a rainy day most of the day, which would have been optimal sleeping conditions for me, but phone kept ringing and then my dad called asking to come help move his work truck that just died out of nowhere. 

So, had to get up early and do all that and then I attempted to see if kits were out playing but I assumed since it was gloomy and chilly they would be resting inside the tree pile/barrels. I threw some lunch meat where I saw them last so if they came out there would be a snack, I’m such a bleeding heart. Gotta feed all the animals outside and make sure they are okay.

Well, while I was putting the meat where I saw them last, I heard a twig snap off to the side in the trees. I thought it was the mom so I started to back off from the pile. Well, where that pile is, there are some old vehicles my father in law refuses to get rid of so they sit back there making the yard look like a junk yard, but I started walking past the front of a vehicle to head back to the house….

Welp…. Mama fox must of been walking around from behind me to see what I was up to and we almost walked I to each other.  She let out a loud yelp and fucking bolted out into the field. Like she ran a mile out lol

I felt like my heart had jumped in my throat and I fell back on my ass haha. We scared the shit out of each other and I’m hoping she doesn’t decide to move the babies or stop coming around since we had that kind of encounter and since she knows that we know where the babies are. I’m sure if we keep feeding them they will get use to us, but I don’t want them to grow up thinking people are kind enough to feed them. My neighbors already want to shoot the mom because she has kill 4 of the new chickens they got. If their dumb asses would close the quanset door at night they wouldn’t have missing chickens.

I’m afraid my brother in law will kill the foxes too. He killed foxes and coyotes at his  farm because they are vermin around here. They are so beautiful and those babies are too adorable.  Nathan and my father in law wants them around so at least they are safe with them two..but my brother in law likes to show up randomly. I’m sure his German Shepard would kill the kits if he found them. Ugh.

Well, I will try the next time it’s nice out. I’m going to stay away from the back yard awhile to not upset mama fox again.❤😍

I just can’t  get over them babies🖤

Hope all is well with my journal friends.. Gotta try stay up at work. At least my friend Lisa will Snapchat me most of the night!

Later peoples!

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