Hello world!

It is sad that I have to start writting because my chest hurts. I didn’t have self-destructive thoughts in so much time.

I’m 23 and counting, and my life is pretty much working and sleeping. All my free time is spent making love with my girlfriend, since we live together. Seems pretty nice for a workaholic, right? My answer is yes! At least it was. I wouldn’t mind living for her since some basic privileges were secured, i.e don’t complaining when I need to go out or don’t be jealous of my friends.

Lately, she is just breaking both privileges, one with the other. The last drop was when we were going together to the last day of an one-week party (she went to the party the whole week) and she humiliated me and an old-friend of mine. We don’t talk since then.

Then, there is this girl, with the same name has hers, with the smile of an angel tempting me to go with her to another party with a lot of drugs. That party was all I needed, but I didn’t go.

I will give my girlfriend one last chance. I hope she knows how much I miss my heart of poet.

One thought on “Introduction”

  1. That’s tough. I do a lot of listening and helping others. So I can try to help.
    First, we come into this life (Not sure of your beliefs) with a mission basically. Complete the mission, and basically move up to the next level. That’s how I like to put it anyway. lol
    However, it is hard to know what your mission is. So here is the advice I give. If it feels right.. move in that directions. There will ALWAYS be temptations. ALWAYS. We also find people we have always known. Even have that feeling that you have known someone forever when you just met?
    That would be one. 🙂
    I’m lucky to know my mission. Most have a difficult like figuring that out.
    That’s the same advice I give my clients.

    So, do you love your girlfriend or are you just comfortable? I think that is something you need to figure out before doing anything because I do believe that most things can be “fixed” if there is something to fix.

    I hope it helps!! 🙂

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