it’s a choice

Life is full of choices.

Our present situation is the result of our previous decision.

They said it is already considered to be a miracle if you get to wake up for another day, because somewhere around the world,people died at the same time you open your eyes.

Having been awaken without any sickness or worries is already considered to be one of the greatest blessing that life had already granted to you.

It’s a fact. We wake up while someone is on the verge of passing away. So it’s quite unreasonable not to be thankful for this opportunity. Though, most of the people, and sometimes I’m one of them, are people who doesn’t appreciate the time that’s being granted to us for free.

The mere fact that we are able to open our eyes means that we are indeed been blessed to live for another minute, hour and luckily if we manage to be well and lie in bed, then we are already lucky enough to have another day.

The pain of having a love one passed away is excruciating. The sadness and the moment that we started to miss that love one is the only time that we will start to be thankful.

It’s our choice to be happy. It’s our choice to do something and it is also our choice to do nothing and live lonely.

Whether we like it or not, everyday is a battle. It’s a series of scenarios that would have a consequence somewhere in our future. So whatever we do today may not look like it would matter, but trust me when i say that hey “your future is the result of your own decisions at the present” 

Whether you’ll become sickly or grow old naturally will be dependent on your simple daily choices.

For example, a simple craving for sweets will make you prone to ailments in the future. 

We are what we make. So make your choices wisely

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