i can not go on knowing she is gone that is what keeps me strong I love her love her as absolutely asi know my name on thing she can b assured of is that will never change she makes me what to get out of bed life without her is so boring might as well be dead the hope of having her again is what drives me forward and makes me strive to win once she is in the place tomorrow she will see the being around Jerry was the true cause of her sorrow he nags he lies he twists her words he makes her believe thoughts that ain’t hers he is the devil in descise don’t be filled by his halo and angel wings he can not fly he simply isn’t the real deal just a ¬†succubus trying to draw th life from me and her I hope she will change her mind if not I hope she will not stay blind I love her with a love that is pure and true I will be here waiting so do what you are going to do if you need someone else then run over my pride but right here waiting I will be till you will take me back to your side

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