Red flags of danger zone

What is a modern day fairytale in the present?

“meet a good to be true man, expect that he will not commit any mistake, but if ever he does, forgive him and live happily ever after with him”

In love there is always a one who loves the other more to make it work.

or it should be “the man should love the woman more, to have a peaceful mind”

why or how did I arrive at that conclusion? Because submission and playing a fool is always a requirement in love 🙂

take for example these types of women

the cunning woman

they are the ones who knows that their boyfriends are head over heels for them and would give everything to please them. It’s because these girls are so playful that they will always choose the man who pleases them most (the one who gives most extravagant gifts). Life is always unreasonable, as they say falling in love is not a choice, but staying in love is. So for these types of woman, catching certain types of man that would give everything in order to have her is always the wisest choice isn’t?

the obsessive pathetic


believe it or not, most women became one at their youngest years of life. It’s like a preparatory phase that all women should be able to undergo to in order to be better. But whether you believe it or not, the maturity phase of woman would depend on how they will survive this phase. Every ideal or almost perfect woman had suffered a huge heartbreak enough to change them into someone totally different. But the most type of crazy jealous gf is the worst result from this phase

the perfectionist

when I say that these are the perfectionist, they are the women who has a checklist of what does it take for a man to be within her league. Not all women of this type has the same set of standards, but the mere fact that a woman wants certain criteria to be met first before acknowledging a man to be her boyfriend is the sole reason of her being categorized as the perfectionist.

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