Sunday May 21 AIDS Walk Day

I dreamed all night. I dreamed about Shannan’s twins. I was at Abby’s mother’s house with them and the babies. the babies were walking and all over the place, making messes. I was changing one baby’s diaper and my phone rang, it was my mother. I answered and told her I would call her back, I was changing the baby. It was an old flip phone. In my dreams, I always have an old, inferior phone. Then, later on in the dream, I picked up my phone to call my mother and the insides were broken out- the babies had broken my phone. I had a second phone and they had broken it, too. Abby’s mother said she would pay for me a new phone. I told her no, not necessary. The dream went on and on about going to a place to get a new phone, then realizing I still had my iPhone 6 plus even though the 2 older phones were broken. So strange. Whenever my dream includes a cell phone, it’s always a problem because it’s an old model phone that I am struggling with to work properly. I’m sure that has some significance- like when people dream about their teeth falling out. 

I’ve been obsessively looking at apartments all week. I feel certain I can get a better place than I have now. My bathroom is a dump- rusty tub and the vanity doors are crooked and the whole vanity looks like a piece of junk- It never looks clean because it’s so junky. Not to mention the water- it changes temperature constantly and makes showering a pain in the ass. I need to hold out for a rent stabilized place. 

I took another test yesterday. I won’t get the results until June 14th. That’s the day I get the results of the English test I took back in April. I think it is ridiculous that they make you wait that freaking long to find out if you passed. I honestly have no idea if I passed the one yesterday or not. It was Educating All Students- you would think with 20 years of teaching experience AND a special ed degree, it would have been a piece of cake, but I honestly had no clue what answers they were looking for most of the time. I hope to hell I passed it because 1. I don’t want to spend the money to take it again, and 2. I don’t want to deal with trying to figure out how to pass it. If I passed those 2, all I have left is the math test. HOWEVER, I still have to have that letter from UK in addition to passing all the tests to get my certification. UGH! Such a pain in the ass. 

The AIDS walk is today. I need to go get ready. My school girls are all participating and Christine and her sister are coming as well. I hope it will be a fun day.

Dee and T and coming up here to visit on Tuesday night. I am looking forward to seeing them, but I am worried about them being here when I have to go to school those 3 days. I hope they won’t think I’m a jerk because I have to rest for school days.

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