The Good Things

I’ve heard it’s healthy to write about the good things too, so here goes.


Well for one, being head over heels in love for a girl isn’t all bad, she brings me hope and joy despite the time, the situation or how I’m feeling, because somehow my feelings for her overcome everything else. Even while I’m being harassed and berated, when I look at her it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’m finally getting help, well maybe not just yet but I’m looking for help now which is something I didn’t think I deserved/needed in the past. It shows me that I am improving, even if it’s just a bit.

I’m confident in who I am, finally I can truthfully say that I will stand up for my friends and loved ones, that I’ll fight for what I think is right and that I’m trying to be the person I want to be. No longer will I make the mistake of putting myself second, if I don’t fit in then I can’t just become someone else, it doesn’t turn out right.

I’m learning from my mistakes, and from that learning I feel like I’m becoming a better person, slightly. 

And finally, I’m trying to fix my mistakes, something I haven’t had the guts to do for a long time.

I’ve read a lot of horrible shit on this website, I’ve also posted some less than pleasant stuff, but just like the real world, not everything is bad on this site. Sometimes sitting back and focusing on the positives can really calm you down and make you look at the big picture, I know it’s helped for me so maybe it will for you. Humanity I fucking love you all, you big ball of confusing emotional amazingness… <3

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  1. This was a great post! I’m glad that you are looking at the positive and not only the negative in life stay positive always even when it’s hard to be!

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