words are powerful

Words are destructive, it can be as sharp as a double-edge blade or it can be as addicting as having a caffeinated drink.

I am not good at speaking.

Believe it or not but my mind had already composed a novel before i uttered some words, that’s why i love writing.

I’m quite careful and wary of the words that i utter, so the more destructive the words that i want to say, the more my mind prevents it from saying.

Let’s just say that i have been raised to a wonderful family and i don’t want to act in a way that would tarnish the morality and values that have been embedded in me.

I often become really amazed to people who can express themselves freely. Because i cannot do that. I’m so calculative that i would not say anything that isn’t beneficial to me.

As i said, writing something like this soothes me more than expressing to someone.

Likewise, I’m the type of friend that the more I’m having a hard time, the more i tend to keep my words in check.

Anyways just like now, my thoughts are full of hurting, but since i don’t wanna be deemed as a clingly woman who only bothered about love and heartaches, I’ve chosen to right something logical.

Cunningly clever isn’t it?

There are a whole lot of reasons to be worried, a whole lot of things that causes me stressed. But having a place like this that could give mind so rest is quite beneficial.

For a person like me who have overflowing sense of writing. A journal like this is the best wayto relieve stress.

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