A Moral Crisis

Should we kill ’em? Should we imprison ’em? Is it humane to torture ’em and cut their private parts? What about civilization? What would Norwegians say? Wouldn’t it be a dumb repetition of history if we go frenzy and slaughter ’em all?
When you’re mad at people and they keep tinglin’ your dark side and temptin’ your blood-thirsty soul to come out, what do you do?
What do they expect you to do when all their big men and women were killers. Besides, It’s not gonna be more than 50-60 years. Is it worth to keep calm and let ’em reproduce while their very own existence is bothering enough?
Should we care about the print we left of ourselves? But we’re not there to see it. What if their children hurt our children and their grandchildren sadden ours? Wouldn’t it be so preventive to get rid of ’em all now that we can?
If you wanna go after the old argument of “so, what would be our difference with ’em?”, be careful. I went that road before. We are so different. We stop ’em, right?

Sometimes, I wish morality was like Appendix; I would carry it enough, but when it goes wild, I can just take it out. No loss after all. For the time being, morality is my left Atrium and I know it’ll kill me to get rid of it.
Don’t worry. We’ll talk about hypocrisy very soon.

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