melissa is coming to get me in the morning to take me to the house.I will try to get out there today to get the card.I have everything set up..I am very excited.A new start with him.He is my future.I am so happy he loves me .I am excited to get this started it makes me feel like I have a fresh start with a good man.My life will finally be complete once I am allowed back in his arms.He is all I can think about.I hope he enjoys his lunch.He is all I want all I dream about.I want to thank him for loving me the way he does.Without him I feel empty, lost,  and incomplete.We have to just hold on to us being together in 12m 16d..I am looking forward to becoming his wife and taking care of him everyday.Once more I love him more than breath itself.I miss him.Write more later xoxoxoxo

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