Bored at Work

My boss keeps asking me what’s wrong as if she really knows me. She probably does more than anyone I actually know, because that’s just the way life is sometimes. The thing is I had a mental break down yesterday. So yes I was set on not crying but there is dreams and there is reality. My reality is that I’m fucked up. I don’t feel any different, not even older. Guess I need to stop setting expectations. I’m at work. No I’m not skipping school or anything like that. I go to work for my school. I guess it’s suppose to be some high-class rich catholic school but I’m basically poor. Not dirt poor but very far from rich. I work with a bunch of upbeat rich people. It can be quite annoying. I don’t even get paid; it goes towards my tuition. I guess it’s worth it. But honestly it’s probably not. It’s not like society is setting me up to succeed anyways. I’m just the pretty nerd from the ghetto. The little know it all chocolate girl. That actually sounds really funny. I should probably get back to work. Before they accuse me of slacking off. But hey it’s been a rough weekend and I need a break. And Because my school is soooo special, Summer doesn’t start for me until June 8th. Ha, lucky me I guess. I guess I should be more grateful though. It’s easy to​ forget how good you have it until you can’t ignore it anymore. I hate when I have mood swings like this. I went from rude and sarcastic to empathetic. This is why I write. To keep all this on my head is just a headache.

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