So last year in December I got dumped. It was like ok whatever. I kind of tried to rush the healing process because old dude was just really being a jerk and I didn’t want to hurt anymore. I had set a goal for myself that by today I wanted to find closure. If I didn’t than it wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t to rush but to instead see if I could actually do it. Tbh, I really don’t know why it took me so long to get over one person. Most likely the fear of losing what I deemed to be everything. Actually losing it was a nightmare come true. And I don’t mean that metaphorically I literally had a dream right before. It was kind of like an implied warning. The person you love doesn’t just appear in your nightmares and rip your heart out your chest but in mines they do, I guess? It’s kinda of sad it took me all this time to realize something like this, but I’m glad that I finally did. And since I like poetry, why not explain it with a poem?

Two White Dots

Two white dots 
What gives?
Why are you writing this?
That is you and this is me 
What do you mean?
We’re exactly the same 
2 of a kind 
1 is such a lonely number 
And you’re lonely all the time 
The thing about dots is that they can be erased
You won’t stay
Maybe I will maybe I won’t 
If I don’t will you give in ?
Probably not because I’d never give in 
I’ll probably never love again 
Why is this ?
My heart is not mines to give 
Whose possession is it left with ?
He abandoned it!
Some place it’s hiding where I can’t reach
But love is the thing you seek?
No, I just don’t want to be lonely 
You don’t have to be 
Two white dots 
What gives?
Why are you writing this?
This is you and me 
What do you mean?
We’re exactly the same
But an empty blank space
Ran off and concealed
You could build 
But instead you kill
You kill with your looks and your mean words
You’re not the only person who hurts
You’re not the only one without closure
But if you look deep within 
You don’t need to find it through him
Your heart is still inside you
It’s sitting, waiting and ready to be unbruised
You’ve just been stuck in this ruse
That reconciling with him is what you need to do

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