I am a mother of two teenagers, married (for way too long) and work as a legal assistant in a patent and trademark office.  I am a memory keeper generally but have been very behind in my written journal so I thought I’d try an online journal to see how that works.  

I got married very young when I had not really found myself so now my husband and I have grown into two different people that probably would not have chosen each other if we had just met.  He’s a good husband and provider so I’m still here but very lonely.  

I like to use my journal to vent when I am angry at him so most of the times, the good stuff that he does never makes it on the page.  He’s not all at fault.  I could be a better wife as well.

My teenage kids are sometimes very frustrating as well.  My daughter always seems angry at me for no good reason (to me at least).  She announced this past December that she has a girlfriend so that was very shocking to me.  I love her no matter what but I can’t deny that it is hard for me.  I feel disappointed but I’m not sure why?  I have plenty of friends and coworkers who are gay but for some reason there is a sadness in my heart.  Maybe disappointment is the wrong word.  So I am hoping talking it out on this journal will help me get to the root of how I am feeling.

My son is learning to drive and I want to strangle him!  Typical teen boy.  

So that’s me.  I probably lead the most boring life but it’s mine and I really want to make the most of it.

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  1. …. and I will be here to listen! I’m a mom too, I did marry my childhood sweetheart, but divorced him. Married my two younger kids dad.
    My kids with him have issues.
    I get it. One will be a teenager this year. I’m not ready. 🙁

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