Is it bedtime yet?

It’s not even 9am yet and I am ready for the day to be over. I’ve already had to sweep up a huge mess thanks to my toddler. He’s a messy eater, apparently.
Luckily my preschooler is very “chill”. haha He has always been. I’m so grateful for that because having one with ODD is ENOUGH.

My husband has to get her up in the morning for school now. She just doesn’t listen to me. Doesn’t care to. She still defiant for him. Just not as much.

Anyway, I’m not feeling well… I just want to lay down. Pretty sure I caught a bug, not sure which kid brought that home.

I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world I guess I should add. haha Mommy just needs a vacation! Last one I tried to have ended in disaster and the one before that was like 8 years ago.

4 children. Ranging from middle school to a toddler.
My older two have issues. My oldest I think only has issues because of the one with ODD though.
It’s sad. 🙁 One time he tried to help me catch her and he started bawling his eyes out and hyperventilating. I’m sure it was the start of a panic attack. My neighbor helped me catch her after I told him to get inside. This isn’t his job. He is always protective of me though. I think that’s why he resents her. Yeah we are in family therapy as well.

This is all exhausting. My daughter has appointment after appointment. I’m hoping this stuff works. PLEASE WORK!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!

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