I have recently met someone. It was only ever meant to be casual. No strings attached. A bit of fun. But right from the initial meeting, I felt crazy comfortable around him. He’s spent a lot of time with me, at my house, meeting my friends and family. I still don’t really know him though and it scares me. It scares me a lot because I know myself. I know that I like him way more than I should. I know that eventually, I WILL fall in love with him. I know that it’s all just going to end in heartbreak.

You see, he has goals for himself. Something that he’s been very open and honest about. He’s working to accomplish these goals for himself, and I think that’s absolutely amazing and admirable. However, his goals involve him moving countries in a few years and I know that there is literally no way for things to work past that.

So now I’m having an internal battle. Do I just cut him loose, deal with the minimal pain that will happen? Or do I just be grateful I get this time with him? See what happens? And be completely heart broken and soul destroyed when he does leave? I’ve been struggling with this for a few weeks and still no closer to an answer. I wish that I could give him what he wants and needs. I wish I could just go with him, have his children and make him happy with the life he chose. That’s never going to happen and instead I need to figure out if he’s worth completely destroying my heart and soul for when all he can offer is 3 years at best…

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