I really am not in the mood to go to work today.  Well, I guess I never am in the mood to go to work.  Unless I have my Xanax then I don’t care but I’m waiting on my physician to authorize some more which usually takes a day or two.  I’ve already been without it for two weeks and I feel some withdrawls already or at least the days seem harder to get through.  So Friday night I finally went out.  I met Anthony and his roomie downtown and every place was packed.  We ended up going to this club and right when we got there I ordered from the bar and guess what, I know the bartender.  Well, I don’t know him but I mean we’ve hungout and had sex a couple times.  I haven’t talked to him in ages but we ended up exchanging numbers at the end of the night.  The night was pretty weird and actually when I think about it, not that fun.  Anthony hardly danced with me, he was more into dancing with himself.  No matter how many drinks I got I didn’t seem to get drunk, I danced with his roomie more than I danced with Anthony, I paid for BOTH of our drinks more than I’d like to, my friend the bartender got me a shot and a beer which was more than my friend Anthony bought me.  All in all, I deducted that Anthony is a bit of a douche.  It’s always the too good looking ones that have a crap demeanor.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a confident guy, but when you’re too cocky it’s a huge turn off.  He’s only really good for sex.  On to the next.  This is what I hate about being single is the chase.  Guys might enjoy it but I freakin hate it.  I don’t enjoy having to hunt for guys.  I’m too lazy.  I want them to come to me but they usually don’t.  Any guy I’ve talked to in the past year and a half is because I’ve pulled them myself.  At least I can revel in the fact that I’ve pulled some pretty hot guys.  Just gotta get their attitudes in order and I’ve got myself a Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now.  Work was horrendous yesterday.  It was super slow and I was freaking out all shift because I didn’t have my Xanax and it was crowded in the store.  Today is going to be the complete opposite.  It’s going to be super busy and dead in the store.  I won’t be happy either way.  I was supposed to go out to another club last night with my “going out crew” Jo and Evan but Jo flaked so it was yet another stay in at home night.  Even though I went out Friday night I don’t feel satisfied with it so I need another night to make up for it.  I’m hoping for tonight since I have tomorrow off but I doubt it.  It’s Monday and I usually don’t go anywhere on Mondays.  Stupid Mondays. 

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