WNM 820:Responsive Web-Journal15

About This Class (GDS: Responsive Web)

The overall progress(timeline) goes well.

Things are done:

Things can be improved:

  • database setting and structure building;

About the Thesis Project

Final Review Result: resubmit

Final Review Feedback:

Instructions for the resubmit
Create an animated proof of concept/tutorial video which demonstrates how your persona would use your project to set up an AR rollerblading course and perform a small routine of tricks. Leave the coding behind and just focus on creating a high quality animation with sound/voiceover that tells the story of your persona and guides them through setting up these core features.

Show us examples of three unique outcomes for your user which could include course set up, first-person going through the course, and third-person watching your partner go through the course.

Again, for all of this, focus on simulation through animation, voice-over and 3D graphics. The duration of the animated video is up to you as long as this animation tells the story effectively and comprehensively.

Things need to be resubmitted:

  • concept video

Plan for Next Step

  • complete the concept video bases on the resubmit instruction(before 6/1/2017)
  • improve the UI of the thesis project(6/1/2017-6/8/2017)
  • create new concept video bases on the new UI(6/9/2017-6/14/2017)
  • refine and upgrade projects(6/15/2017-6/30/2017)
  • rebranding personal¬†portfolio website(6/15/2017-6/30/2017)

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