Comforting thoughts

I don’t have much to update, obviously the terrible sad news coming from Manchester is what is in my heart today, so terrible and devastating for all those involved. I cannot begin to imagine how those people and their families are coping. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and dismayed at the atrocities going on, I am keeping in mind the good things that also happen all the time , every minute of every day . And that good people will always outweigh the bad.

  I am planning on going to church for the first time in a long time this Sunday. I really need it and I am going to take mya with me. I have been doing an online bible study for a few months now, it is a free programme but I find it gives me a lot of comfort. I have also read a book by one of the other journalers on this site, ‘the beautiful truth’ and I am actually re reading it after the news today. It gives me a lot of comfort❤️

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