Day 452 – Day off

Monday, May 22nd 2017

Two days until my birthday! So excited 😀

Today was good. I spent most of my time playing Hitman and Rocket League with one of the owners. I also did some work, such as changing my thesis for my English essay and studied French. While studying French, I helped out a friend from Finland with their French. They were doing a presentation on Canada and needed help with sentence structure, so I provided help with that, being French Canadian myself, as well as mentioned they had to talk about Regulation 17. It’s an important historical moment for franco-ontariens, which would fit perfectly into their presentation. According to them, I’m their French cheat sheet now, haha.

After eating supper, I watched Cyrano de Bergerac once again for a refresher. I do feel refreshed on what happened in the play, although I had to be careful, since not everything was accurate, of course. I believe I would have to review a little more before the test. I did not check when I am supposed to have my test tomorrow. Let me see—Ah, second period. I hope I will have some time during my psychology class to review then. I don’t think there is much to review, but making sure wouldn’t hurt.

That’s all for today.

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