Don’t stress

I titled this don’t stress because it seems like that’s all I used to do. Stress only causes more problems that weren’t there to begin with. Life is full of ups and downs. Don’t stress over that boy that didn’t realize what he had, don’t stress over that big exam, don’t stress over a bill that’s due. Trust me it’s not worth it. Believe in yourself and you will reach and accomplish anything , your happiness does not depend on anyone else but yourself. So sometimes you just got to say fuck it and keep going , don’t sit and dwell on anything because certain people get a high off of that. Don’t let anyone discourage you to dress how you want , talk like you want , eat what you want .. you control yourself not a family member not a ex and not even those negative thoughts . Today’s society has put so much pressure on people on how you should liveyour life ,   Again tell them to fuck off and live your life however you want. This is my first post so if you choose to read my entry’s and if you even think your going to get offended then don’t read it .. bottom line . If you do then put on your big girl or boy pants and read. 


till next time ✊🏻

2 thoughts on “Don’t stress”

  1. For a person with anxiety like me trying not to stress is a battle of every day but what you say is true, is not worth it.

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