Should I let him go?

I’ve been dating a guy for a few months now and even though things are good and we have a good time together, I feel like there’s something he’s hiding from me. Or he’s hiding me from.
I’m not saying he’s cheating, that’d come as a surprise. It’s just that, when I asked if he wanted to meet my friends, he was scared to go and we didn’t.
And he’s never invited me to come along with him to his friends.
Isn’t that odd?

Also, he’s a very busy person, which I didn’t really mind initially. But now, setting up a date to see each other, is such a ‘chore’ that I’m kind of over it.

He’s currently working full time and going to university at night. On the weekends he has a lot of school work to do.

I see that this is temporary, but he has told me that after he graduates, he want’s to go to the other side of the world to do a specialisation. Where does this leave me?

He’s a really kind and chill guy and we get along quite well, I’m just not sure if our bond is deep enough for me to wait until he’s got time for me in his life. It all seems a bit shallow at times.

Sigh, being single is so much easier.

Goodnight Journal,


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