Tuesday May 23rd

I got a crushing blow again from the DOE. Ugh. I took that fucking CLEP test last week, paid for it, and they won’t count it. That aggravates the hell out of me. UGH!!! Now what?? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I cannot believe that one woman can’t just sign off on my shit. I have fucking over 200 hours! Many that I did not need to graduate. I wish to fuck I had listed them as excess hours from the beginning- if I had only known!! such a fucking pain in the ass. 

On the bright side, I talked to my apartment manager today and she was really nice. I told her about all the crappy stuff that’s wrong with my apartment and she said she would fix it! Wow. I didn’t expect that! If she could fix the shower water, that would be amazing. She said she would get me new stuff for my bathroom. I told her I would buy a new fridge myself if she would get rid of the shitty one I have now- it’s burned all down the side and dented all across the front- it looks so ghetto. Shit. If she would fix this place up, it would be grand. I do like the space and how it’s laid  out.  I like my quiet neighbors very much and being right on the corner with the train is very nice. There’s a lot of good stuff about my place. I like being between the two parks, I like the old buildings over here and I like that there are no tourists. It’s very peaceful up here. I don’t really know that I would like being in Hell’s Kitchen- it might be too much bs. I really like being tucked away over here away from the action. It’s so quiet. And if Blake is going to fix up our building, then that would be way awesome. 

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