Why isn’t this a thing? Why isn’t this MORE known!?

Chiropractor work. Why isn’t this a thing?? Seriously? I had my first adjustment yesterday because ever since I started taking my daughter she told me that she could help people like me.. well my back had started hurting and just wouldn’t stop. So I went. My x-rays.. well..
They showed horrible stuff like a bone in my neck a bone trying to twist around another.. my neck trying to go the other way, my spine basically trying to spiral and it was arched to hell. Not to mention I’m THIS CLOSE to have degenerative disc disease. Great. HOWEVER..

She can help with my fibro, my dysautinomia which not a lot of doctors even KNOW about and she DID.
Also my anxiety and depression because in the spot that is normally fight or flight for children for ODD acts differently for adults and caused me to be a bit ADD with anxiety and depression heightened at it’s worse and it has been for months.

Also being a C-section baby contributes. I did hold my brother up in the womb. Lol

For the first time in MONTHS my throat is less swollen from my acid reflux disease. Seriously? Why isn’t this known?

I’m almost mad at my doctors! It should be mandatory¬†to see a chiro before any diagnoses!

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