Busy, busy, and wait.. nope still busy.

So this morning started with my hubby getting mad at me for not finish the laundry. Oops. We had a lot to do yesterday. I started it, but didn’t dry them and it had every single one of his shirts for work in them. He had to call in for a half day even though he only waited till they were dried.

Makes me feel awful that my memory sucks so much! Thanks illnesses.

I even went to the grocery last night and everything I was going to get went out the window. Ended up just getting my son his balloon for graduation, flowers for myself because I have to have them in the house (lol) and Gatorades.

I needed so much more that obviously I remember this morning.

I really hope this chiropractor can do things that all the other doctors can’t because with my stuff it’s a dead end. Just medicate the pain or depression and anxiety. That’s it. I don’t take pain meds though because I don’t want to. So what’s left? Not much.

So far she has had to put my neck back in pack twice. My next appointment is tomorrow. I have high hopes! I really do! However I am terrified of completely getting degenerative disc disease. Like I said before I am moderate. One more step and I am there. So I tried doing research today to see how it is caused and how I can help prevent it. There is really no cause. Except one being, get this; stress. Yup. HAHA good luck with that. UGHH

Still doing research though. I refuse to end up with this too! I’m working on making the other things better damn it!!

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