Day 453

Tuesday, May 23rd 2017

Last day as a 16 year old 😮 Gonna feel weird tomorrow, haha.

Today was good. I started with psychology and we continued taking sociology notes. We also watched a video, but I totally forgot what I was, huh…

Then I had French where our teacher decided to talk for 40 minutes, making many people anxious about running out of time for their test. Luckily, it was multiple choice, true to false, who said this line and figures of speech. It always really easy and took no time at all. Though, it’s always hard to figure out what kind of test she’s gonna give, since they’re all so different. You kinda just have to study everything instead of strategically chosing to save time.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and another person joined us.

In art I put glaze on my pot then moved on to continuing the mural. There was a lockdown practice, so the secretary (we are painting in her office), my partner and I just talked until we packed up and left.

I finished the day with English, and we had presentations. A group was not ready and were arguing. The teacher knew they wouldn’t be ready, so she gave them time. They ended up not doing too bad, except one slipped and said “was killed in his death” instead of sleep.

At home I played with one of the owners, ate, played Hitman and had to do a shooting range mission to continue, but it did help me improve drastically in reaction time, observation and precise shooting, then I played some more with the owner. I watched Supernatural and now I’m just “watching” the hockey game (want to see if the Senators win). Gonna go to bed after.

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “Day 453”

  1. All of that and only 16/17?! Dang, you are a smart girl! 🙂 I was just….dumb haha. Only subjects i was good at were, English/Language, Art and vocational technology classes! keep it up!

  2. Thanks, haha 😛 And my best grade was from art and my technology class as well. Languages I’m taking it way too lightly and not doing as well as I should haha. I’m sure you did better than me :p

  3. Oh gosh. I sucked so bad at other languages. I failed Spanish miserably. I onnly picked up a few words here and there. I wanted German, but if I failed Spanish I would have failed that hahahaha

  4. I don’t have other languages, so I wouldn’t know for me, haha. Both English and French I’ve known them forever 😛

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