First Entry

First entry! I felt like I needed to start writing things down. My feelings. What’s going on in my life. All of it.

As of this entry the following applies: Madly in love with N. Age 31. Junebug is my cat. Other Kim is my roomie. Tom is moving back in soon. Work at a body shop. Hate my house.  

Today has been an annoying day. Work has made it that way. All I wanted to do today was go over account receivables and see why we haven’t gotten paid for multiple claims. But instead I just babysat my coworker. She has CHECKED OUT. I’m over it. I’m going to have a talk about her with our manager tomorrow. I need someone up front who doesn’t get sassy with customers, or walk away as soon as she sees one coming. It’s so frustrating. I’m done with her.

At least I get to spend time with N after work. Wednesday is ‘our day’. I had to make him set a day because he’s always so busy. But I don’t mind. I like my privacy. Although I can’t wait until we get our lives together so we can get a house. I cannot wait to sell mine. Just have to save some more money.

Of course saving money means not spending it on things I love. Like weed. I’m not supposed to be buying it anymore. But I’ve cut back considerably. I was spending about $120 a month. Now I’m spending like $40 a month. I’d say that’s a big improvement. It helps me not kill people on a daily basis. It makes me happy. I love it. I just wish I had more. I have enough left for about half a bowl. So tonight it going to suck. lol

Work is over in 4 minutes. Time to gather my shit. Hopefully I’ll keep up with this.

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