Men Suck(written mid 20s)

I want to make a point before the actual poem.  I found poems from my younger years and reading this one, I found similar lines from a few poems I did within the last year.  Funny how some things stick with you somehow.



Why is it so hard to find a decent man
I guess being happy isn’t part of the plan
Lying and using you until they break your heart
But you were blind to it from the very start
Always calling you up and asking you for money
That’s the only time the seem to call you ‘honey’
The take advantage and make you think they love you
You’re always wrong no matter what it is that you do
They cut you down and they make you cry
But you still can’t seem to say goodbye
Stand up for yourself and say you have had enough
And if they don’t like it then tell them that’s tough
They say it’s better to have loved and lost
But when they break you down is it worth the cost
I would rather be alone than to have my heart be in pain
It might get lonely but at least I would be sane
It’s easy having lovers but I also want him to be a friend
Someone to hold and comfort me until the very end
It seems to be the most impossible task
A decent man, is it too much to ask

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