Pregnancy Update!

Hi everyone I posted on here in a such a long time but my baby is almost here! I’m having a boy and his name is Draven I’m due in June it’s been a difficult journey but I’m excited even though I’m only a teenager I’ve learnt that it’s not about age it’s about responsibility and I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions and raise my baby boy I also wrote a poem about my pregnancy I hope you guys enjoy

Two Red Lines

She was speechless
All she could do was cry
As two red lines appeared right before her eyes
She held the test in her shaky hands as she stared with disbelief
No words could analyze her pain, no words for her shame, and no words for her grief
She never felt so weak in her life
She cries and cries her whole body feels numb and in pain as if she were stabbed by a knife
I’m just a kid she repeats I’m just a kid how could this happen?
How could I be so idiotic and careless? She begins to question herself in her head
As she cries herself to sleep in her bed
She lies awake at that very night because she cannot sleep
She does not know whether to abort, adopt, or keep
She’s scared and alone
He left her stranded before she even knew
Now he’s with someone else
And she is blue
Carrying his child, all alone, without him knowing
But soon everyone will notice since her stomach will be growing
She wants to hide
Hide from the pain
Hide from the shame
And hide from the disgust
She had broken her families trust
She’s only a teenager she is human she made a mistake
Who knew that the condom would break
She takes a deep breath
Trying to clear her mind
How was she going to explain this?
It simply started with a simple kiss
It went from a kiss to this
Now she’s stuck in a rut, trying to break free
How will I get through this? Why did this happen to me?
She decides to tell her family in hopes of their understanding
She begins to explain her situation with tears in her eyes
Her family comforts her and she begins to realize
She is not alone she has support from her family
Her family loves her and she chooses not to abort
As her child grows and grows each and every day
The more excitement she feels for the day she can finally hold her baby when she can finally say
I did it, I did this all on my alone, without his help
I am strong
I am independent
I am a teenage mother
I love my child
And that love will last forever



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