Would You Kiss The Last Person You Kissed Again

Journal Prompt:
Nope. The end.
Edited: That was my snarky, he can fuck off reply. My real reply is no, I wouldn’t think so. All our relationship, all I wanted was for him to WANT to kiss me. To know that when we saw each other, after being separated all week, that he couldn’t wait to kiss me. I’m not necessarily talking about him sticking his tongue down my throat, although I’m sure that kind of passionate kissing would have been wonderful, but more like a lingering I’m-glad-to-see-you-I-missed-you kiss. One that made me feel a connection to him more than that of a co-parent/roommate. He wasn’t interested. He told me he didn’t like kissing and he wasn’t an affectionate/ touchy-feely person. Strange, because you totally were when we dated.
Nevertheless, now that we are divorcing, he wants to kiss me. All the time. He cries and says he didn’t know it bothered me that bad and he didn’t realize he loved me so much and all he wants is to love on me and kiss me. The thought of it makes me physically ill. I’ve considered trying it, just to see if there are any sparks, but then my brain throws up this wall and I don’t even want him to touch me. The thought of putting my mouth on his turns me cold. I don’t want to do it. So I won’t. He couldn’t be bothered while we were together, so I certainly don’t have to be now that we aren’t.

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