Hi Everybody!  I am writing because my hubby is asleep and I have nothing to do but housework, and I don’t feel up to that.  I am tired.  I drive hubby to Physical Therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I meet the school bus on Wednesday and Friday; go walking in the park with daughter on Saturday and take the grandsons to church and lunch on Sundays.  Hmm.  That seems to leave one day free.  I should give that some thought.  Somewhere in there I take my mom to the doctor and my husband to Wound Healing Center, pick up Rx at drug store and shop for groceries, ours and Mom’s and of course feed the dog every day.  She needs grooming too.  Every night I change the bandage on my hubby’s foot.  I am tired.  I need something fun in my life, but what?  I have lost interest in writing  with hopes for publication—contests and such.  I am tired of painting.  I am just plain tired.  I get plenty of sleep at night.  I think the routines I have to attend to are making me tired.  But I try not to complain.  My family is so wonderful and appreciative.  I am blessed.  Just a little tired.

2 thoughts on “Yawn”

  1. It’s okay to be content and not at the same time. You have a wonderful family, you seem very close and I am very happy that you have that. But it’s okay to be selfish now and again. I could not do what you do. I like things orderly, but such a routine would kill me. I commend you for that, but urge you to please try something for yourself.

    On the topic of your writing – have you considered other forms of literature? Instead of written poetry, maybe you could try your hand at spoken word? If you enjoy writing fiction, maybe you could see if there are events at your local library where people read to children. It might be nice to attend, listen, and see how they engage. We are not that different from children after all.

    I hope you figure it out!

  2. Teddy, thank you so much for your thoughtful, insightful response to my journal. Your ideas on writing are intriguing. I appreciate your words very much, my dear. Hugs to you.

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