05/25/2017 03:47 Homesick.

I am so home sick. I hate the city, even now in the dead of night there is light and noise everywhere! I know it was loud in the country at night with the bullfrogs, lotus, owls and other night time creatures. But all the sounds that come out in the city drive me mad. I can hear cars and the neighbors and everything. Then when I do go outside at night I can barely see the moon, not to mention any stars, among all the lights. Everything is so bright and loud I don’t understand how anyone can live like this long term. I remember sitting in the darkness on my porch as a child and looking into the beautiful blanket of stars as a calm breeze blew rustling the leaves and causing the owls to give gentle hoots. I remember hearing the crickets as they jumped around in the tall grass and watching fire flies spin around in the sky almost mingling with the stars themselves. I miss it so dearly and I can’t wait to return to my roots again. I hope I get to soon.

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  1. I liked your entry, I grew up in the countryside too and have lived in the city for over 10 years, I know how you feel about missing it . Hope you can go back soon x

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