10. Sleep :)

A single 24 hours can change everything, imagine what 48 hours could do. I risked everything and wrote Ann a message, surprisingly she wrote me back. we have talked since then. I tried to ask her out on a date Friday, but she was busy. So, at least I know she’ll except. I’m trying to figure out my next idea. I want it to be right, and it just cant be, ordinary.


She came and saw me at work, she was complaining how she needed a new belly button ring, and her lack of food, so I told her to come see me and Id solve her problems. I had her meet me at work, I gave her my debit card, told her to buy groceries, and  a belly button rind. What has actually bought idk, but she said she bought what she said she would. Things are what they are between us, but she cant go hungry. I allowed my self to get emotional even though I tried my hardest not to. I love her, thought I hate where were things are, other then it gives me the fact to try and do  things write, without being half out of my mind. She deserves that.

sleep, sleep, sleep. finally, sleep.




“her scent is intoxicating, her arms feel like home, her eyes have me stuck like stone.”


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