2nd to last.

Today was my second-to-last day of junior year.

I had fun doing my physics final. We all had to draw a poster that had something to do with physics. I drew a “physics on ice” poster (starring Viktor Nikiforov) based off the “spinning ice-skater” problems we encountered when we were learning about moment of inertia. The line art was much better than the coloring because I was panicking and just wanted to finish it, so I just scribbled in the colors. I drew Viktor in his beautiful pink “prince” outfit… I was going to draw Yuuri, but I wanted to draw Viktor’s beautiful silver hair (^_^) My physics teacher was really amazing and bumped our semester averages up just enough if we did a good job on our poster… so now my physics average rounds up to an A!!!! I’m so happy because I thought it couldn’t happen in time for the end of the school year, whoo! English wasn’t as good this semester–only a 90 or so–but not everything can be perfect. Everything else is an A+. Ya girl is a little bit proud of herself~

Then I did nothing for two hours in my accounting class, since I’d exempted that exam.

Then I walked home. The other day it was raining so terribly that there were literal river valleys in the streets–the water was so deep you could have built civilizations by them, honestly. My shoes and jeans were completely soaked. I was DONE.

I’m really sad now. Junior year will be over after a two-hour math test tomorrow morning. I’m so S A D right now. I’ve said goodbye to the majority of my friends for a whole summer. Of course we’re still going to be in touch, but I won’t feel right without seeing them so often. I’ll also miss the teachers that I won’t see next year…

But on the other hand I really hope I can improve on my drawing skills this summer. And my writing skills. And math skills. I have to prep for calculus this summer, since I’m guessing that Calc BC will be my hardest class next year.

I’m happy but also sad. It’s hard to explain. It’s a weird mixture of emotions.

I’m also really angered and sad by the tragedies that seem to just be piling on top of each other. The NY car-crash, the Manchester explosion, everything happening in the Philippines, in the world… I really just don’t know. Why does the world suck so badly?

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  1. I am excited and proud of you for your A on Physics and A+ in almost everything else!
    You go, girl! That is awesome!!!!
    Try not to let the chaos in the world get into your heart. Keep a safe place in your soul where everything is peace because Jesus is King and He will make everything right in His time. Put your trust in Him and rest your mind, dear.

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