Everyone in my class is, sort of, laid-back and relaxed, but really, must of us just use it to hide our dread in this time when school is just about to end and we’re trying desperately to redo all of the tests on which we got negative grades so we don’t go to summer school, or worse, flunk the whole year. We had a substitute in English today, and I absolutely loved her teaching. I took two tests – one in French, one in German. Surprisingly, I got a B on the German one.

When I left school, I went straight to my dentist. While I was climbing the stairs to her office I noticed a man sitting at the coffee shop beneath. His hair was slightly grey, and his skin was a darker shade of, let’s say, white. He wasn’t dark enough to be brown, but he wasn’t light enough to be white either, that’s what I’m trying to say. My dentist filled the last one of my numerous cavities in about 5 minutes. The nurse at that office is cross-eyed so you never really know if she’s talking to you or to the wall half a metre away from you. When I left the office, and went down the stairs, I noticed the said darker man staring at me. He was smoking a cigarette and just looking at me feeling no shame at all. I’m not saying that you should be ashamed when you look at a girl, but usually most people look away when they’re caught. He didn’t. He looked at me as though he knew he could look at me and feel no shame, he took pride in it. Maybe I’m just talking nonsense, but the way this man with a couple of grey strands in his hair looked at me made me excited. And not in the sexual way. It just made my heart horny – the way he glanced at me.

Joanne asked me what a lie detector is. How do you go through the 16 years of your life without ever encountering that word?

Brandon wants the two of us to go see The Pirates of the Carribean at the cinema. Why, oh why?

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