An Ubreakable Reflection

 What about our reflection is real? When you look into the mirror you don’t see yourself. You see what you think is there. You see what you don’t want to have anymore. You see all the bulges, fat, cellulite, and everything else you could think of that you just don’t want.

When I look in the mirror at myself, I see the fat in my stomach and wish it would go away. I see the stretch marks and cellulite in my legs and arms. I see the flaps from my arms the jiggle when I wave at someone or have to use my arms. I see the double chin when I smile and I see the uneven proportions when I look at myself.

When I get dressed in the morning I try to cover it all up, but the question is why? Why do I cover something is beautiful to someone else? Why do I hide behind clothes that are just going to come off at the end of the day? Why do I scare myself into eating “healthy” and then give up later on?

I do it because in today’s society we as men and women are expected to look a certain way. We are expected to dress and act perfect. We are told that skinny is the best thing for you. And to be honest with you I don’t believe in that. I want my kids to be proud of what they look like. I want them to love their bodies no matter how much fat and stretch marks they may have. Of course I want them to be healthy, but even the skinniest people have stretch marks all over their body in places we wouldn’t even imagine.

I have a very close friend whom used to be a model and let me tell you about her diet in order to stay at the weight she was supposed to be when she took photos or went to gigs for walking the cat walk. She barely got to eat anything. She was literally eat air. She was rail thin and never ate anything. It was ridiculous. She was always hungry, but she didn’t care because she thought she looked amazing. She thought that she looked better than everyone else because was skinny and tall. BUT, that confidence came to an end when she was admitted to a rehab for bad eating habits. Yes that’s right, she went to rehab because her career was causing her to kill herself. Now she’s healthy. Still thin and tall, but very healthy.

There are so many things we would love to IMPROVE with our bodies, but sometimes things just don’t happen that easily. So moral of the story, pick and choose your battles. Sometimes the ones you choose are not going to come easily to us. We always want the results right away, but when you want something that just isn’t a magical 1 step process then you have to work towards it. Even if that means its going to take 2 months or 2 years. Just know that once you get to that point where you can look into the mirror at yourself and see the perfection you were looking for you will be so happy about it. Words wont even describe how you feel.

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