Day 454 – Happy birthday to me :D

Wednesday, May 24th 2017

Today was fun!

Woke up, got a bunch of happy birthday wishes (thank you all <3) went to school, didn’t know when my outing was, figured out it was in the afternoon, went to French class where I worked on my English essay, went to psychology class and got more happy birthday wishes (my close friend was supposed to make the class sing happy birthday, which she seemed to do an attempt by telling 4 people it was my birthday, but with no success, oh well, I’m not a center of attention kind of person, so I don’t mind either way haha), took sociology notes, ate lunch with my close friends and Kohai, then left for my art class. We brought some boxes in and took the bus to an art center, where we had fun with pottery. I had a lot of help since I wasn’t sure what to do, but one of my techniques was perfect apparently. I like my final result as well.

K talked to others quite a bit, including a teacher I first met in 6th grade, and then we went back to the school, where I took the bus home, where I found out I wasn’t presenting alone tomorrow, since I missed my English class today.

At home I talked a bit to my dad on the roof (he was fixing stuff), I gave him a board, said hi to my mom, then I went on the server and played quite a bit. We decided that instead of having an event for my birthday today, we’d have one Saturday for both mine and one of my second parent’s (previously known was the owners) birthday, since they’re near each other.

For supper I got home made macoroni and cheese, as well as chocolate fondue <3 I also watched episode one of season ten of Doctor Who.

That’s all for today.

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