My Psycho Neurons And Charlie Gordon

In middle school, I came up with this nerdy expression ” her synapses got married” meanin’ she lost it; she’s doin’ something stupid. As an explanation, synapse is where neurons meet. They get close yet in a distance. And if they reach to each other physically, the result would be catastrophic for our neurofunctions.
I like to think I knew what a neurofiction means since that time, but the truth is way alternative.
If you are the reason of these lines, I must confess something to you: I have no clue what neurofiction is or what differences neuro- and psychofictions can have. It seems I pulled a Charlie Gordon on this one!

And about Charlie’s. While it was inevitable to enjoy “Flowers for Algernon”, I couldn’t avoid bein’ wildly confused and fuzzy about the definitions in my mind. Questions which are eatin’ my few left brain cells.
“So, if he’s talkin’ about his neuro state, what would be his psycho state?”
“Isn’t bein’ retarded, if I’m allowed to use such a word, a mental condition with interior and exterior effects parallel to those of depression, obsession, phobia, etc?”
Or “is neurofiction simply a description of some artificial medical process that could work on neurons?” (That would be crazy! Aren’t neurons the guilty ones for our pure psycho issues?)
Yeah. As you see, it is funny how I have an understanding of pre-operational Charlie. I don’t get it and no matter how much I tried, it seems impossible to grasp.
Beside these difficulties, the temptation of intelligence works on me just fine. I’m willin’ to give my life to experience seconds of real intelligence. Ok, A second of. Just a bit. Please… a blink is enough!
It’s not all of it. Another interesting aspect of this story was its social perspective. I stopped jugdin’ why humans isolate some of their owns, a long time ago. You can be smart, idiot, ordinary or what-the-f-ever and they’ll let you go anyway. You can be kind, mean, mad or mute; and each of these characteristics can be a reason for your forced exile from their flocks.
That’s why I don’t feel sorry for Charlie. Not more that what I feel for all of us. Actually, I found him lucky too; but he could’ve kept his mental value. He should’ve.
I hope one day I get what’s goin’ on here before they burry me or I lose my mind. Until then, any drop of knowledge I will suck.
Thank you and cheers, dear reader!

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