November 27, 2016 1:44am

Before I start writing about my feelings, for anyone that I allow to read this, you need to know I have felt these feelings, emotions, thoughts for as long as I can remember. No one in my family knows, and I kept it that way for a reason. So no one would WORRY ABOUT ME!

I will be talking about my past and present experiences. I will be talking about things I NEVER told anyone, EVER! Things I have secrectly broke down for. Things I felt no one would ever look at me the same for. I never wanted to be looked as weak. So when someone reads this I need you to know that despite everything I have been through alone, I have lived a very happy life (the happiest I could get anyway). I had a lot of ups and downs, my emotions always being out of wack but when I had family and friends around you guys made my life worth living! But I still never felt like I belonged in the end! 

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