I wanted you to be the one to show me

what different was

And I wanted to believe that you loved 

My body how it is

but you will only love it because you 

can’t manage to taste the 

lips between the thighs

Of small women

And smell the scent of high dollar 

purfume  on a woman’s chest

you place pictures of cookie-cutter 

text-book beauty women 

on high white ivory pillars 

in a brain that only knows 

The strategic warfare of 

certain video games 

And that woman with 

extra tissue and low self-esteem 

Will just have to do 

you would love a girl with tattoos

while you’ve got none

because it would  make up for your

absence of bravery and automatically make

them interesting because you  cannot

see nor  touch beneath skin

And bore yourself down into who

a women really is

deep down inside

because you are a weak man

And I don’t need you to love me

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