They are all the same guy

Yes, I do know I’m alittle very super mega creepy. 

3 years ago there was a guy I used to have a small girl crush on. He was a singer, i found him through some talent competition stuff my bestfriend participated in at the time. He had this really cool blue hair that I thought was really damn attractive. But since he was like 17-18 at the time, and i was alot younger, I figured its not worth even trying to i moved on in my boring ass life. 

In December 2016 there was a guy sitting at the mall. I didn’t notice him but my friend did. She pointed at some random guy and said “Hey, I think youll like that guy”. I turned and looked, there was a guy with this really cool white hair and headset around his neck. He looked kind of asian and I literally couldn’t help but fangirl over a stranger. Sadly, the white haired guy was never to be seen again. He then was rememberd ever since as “white hair”, a legend! Haha

Then more recently I stumbled across this green haired guy in town. He noticed me, I noticed him. I ofcourse started obsessing over this stranger. And well this stranger, started jumping out everywhere. I started seeing him everywhere i went, he just pops up everywhere like a ghost. The mall, the park, the city, the bridge, neighborhoods, and so on! (Not a stalker, because they were all by coincidence)


The guy from all those years ago, I ofcourse forgot all about. Can’t blame me for not remembering people from yearsss back! I really should have realized Green hair and blue hair was the same person when my friend told me “His name is ____, but i dont remember his last name..”. It should have clicked in my head at that point that they are the same person, but since the guy from the past was completely forgotten it didn’t. 

I dont know what happend, I stumbled across him yesterday and then finally it got into my head. THEY LOOK THE SAME!! They look the same, just like from years apart. He sure has grown alot, like he has changed enough for me not to recognize him immediatly. I feel incredibly stupid for not realizing this sooner. 

Soooo, like any girl would do: I went and found his instagram. Guess what! He used to have white hair tooooo…… Jesus christ, seriously? If you are the white haired guy too I’m gonna go crazy. You are not allowed to be every single one of my mystery guys. Not cool. 

This is what happens when you live in a small city. There is impossible to find any new people, everyone is known somehow. 

Dissapointed, this guy is too old for me and not for my taste. 

When I said “I need someone new in my life” I didnt mean “Find someone from the past and send them back”. 


2 thoughts on “They are all the same guy”

  1. Wow, weird. Haha… He sure likes changing his hair color. And maybe you like people with colored hair?

  2. “You are not allowed to be every single one of my mystery guys.”
    Made my day! xD

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