This is how I feel

Fear is a cage that you create. Fear of being abandoned not being wanted.
Fear of what others can do to you. Fear of losing what you have work for so long, and
What you put your heart and soul into. Fear can make you lonely in a room full of people. Fear is constant and never ending. Nobody wants to be like that but it happens anyway. This is a cage someone lives with everyday. Fear of losing loeved ones, losing friends, spouse, and children. Why does this have to take ahold of your life. You always want to leave this cage but it in your head. How do you change how you have been and to this day.? Fear and hurt by children you gave your life to.
Why is life like this. Fear is an internal battle we all fight some more than others. Fear
Brings anxiety and feels like you can’t control it.. Why is fear in us.? Things that have happen to us in childhood and adulthood. Someone or something took away our innocence something so precious . They don’t understand what they mentally and physically done to them. That is evil to mess with someone and possibly changed their lives forever and change the path of their life forever. Will these wounds heals yes but the scars will always be there.

2 thoughts on “This is how I feel”

  1. I am sorry you struggle with fear. I’m supposing you are writing from your own experience. What you wrote was very well said, and fluently written. Lost innocence is one of the saddest things. Babies with big shining eyes are holy. But change comes.
    Still, love can abide. “These three things abide: faith, hope and love—but the greatest of these is love.”
    God bless you, Betty.

  2. wow! It was like I was reading my own journal. Its a constant struggle and most ppl dont understand how hard and exhausting it is. My life motto is “Dont make ANY decisions based on Fear”.. its easier said than done, but atleast I try.. This was very beautiful, thank you for sharing..

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