Thursday May 25

Dee and T got to my house on Tuesday night. We stayed up until 1am talking. We had a nice evening last night in the UWS- not leaving my neighborhood. I have really enjoyed having them here. It is SO different from Richard’s visit! I will actually miss them when they leave. 

They are working on my apartment- they came in yesterday and worked on the pipes behind my kitchen cabinets- they have had it torn all apart- I will be glad when the finally finish. My concern is that how they are going to put it back together. I can’t imagine they would have the same tiles to replace the ones they broke to get to the pipes in the wall. If they don’t have the same tiles, I am afraid they will try to just replace the space with anything- make it look really ghetto. If they try to do that, I will talk to Blake about it. 

My mood is much better than it has been. I think a lot of it is seasonal. AND, now that I’m working again every day, I feel better, too. For so long, I thought a lot about how many years I “had” to work until I could retire. Basically my entire teaching career in Kentucky has just been thinking about retiring after 27 years, or after 30 years- thinking about how many years I had to go. My thinking has changed about that now. Now I don’t know that I will ever retire. I have a great job with lots of time off each year. The summer long break and then several week long breaks scattered throughout the school year. I think I want to keep working as long as I’m physically able. I can just keep working and travel and do the things I want to do when we are on a break. My mother is 68 years old and she still works every day. If she wasn’t so overweight she would be even more vigorous. People like Iris Apfel and Bill Cunningham are an inspiration to me. Mr. Cunningham worked up until his death at 87, riding a bike all around the City. If I take care of myself, I can just keep going, too. I need to work on taking better care of myself. 

I sure hope Blake wasn’t bullshitting me about my building. I hope she really does fix it up like she says she will. I am definitely going to give her until my lease is up. If it’s still in the current state, then I will try to move, I suppose. 

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